Maharshi Vidya Mandir English/Hindi Medium School Rahatani

Education is the Best Weapon.

Dharamraj Pal (Secondary Principal)~

Maharshi Vidya Mandir school, Rahatani was established in 1998, and as per the vision of the institute's founder and committee members, we are following two main motives: LEARN & GROW. I feel like school has progressed from the beginning towards its Glorious destination and we are working towards the future.

I am proud that our school and college have established the use of ICT in administration, teaching, and the learning process. Also, a library has been established to benefit students' services. I am glad to mention that all teaching and non-teaching staff have equally contributed towards the success and achievements of Maharshi Vidya Mandir School and Jr. College, Rahatani, Pune-17”

Sangeeta Pal (Primary Principal)~

”Maharshi Vidya Mandir School, Rahatani was established in 1998, and Jr. College was established in 2016 which is completely based on modern learning.

It has been working towards shaping the future for the last 26 years to scale a greater height in the fields of education, research, performing, sports, and social activities.

During its initial phase of development, students got the opportunity to prove themselves by undertaking curricular and co-curricular activities. The efforts taken by students and teachers have brought a major change towards the future.”

Message from our Principals'


Pre - Primary

At Maharshi Vidya Mandir the child is at the center of the teaching-learning process. We believe each child is unique with its abilities which has particular needs.

Our goal is to enable the growth of the child in terms of social, intellectual, emotional, and physical to transfer him/her as a well-developed individual.

The main motive is to ensure that each pupil is able to enter a career of his/her choice at the end of schooling years.

The School facilitates career counseling sessions to help each individual to be prepared for his life challenges.


In the Primary Section, our aim is to establish a strong foundation for future learning in each child by blending the traditional way of reading, writing, and arithmetic skills with the skills required in the modern 21st century.

  • Communication

  • Creativity

  • Problem Solving/Critical thinking

  • Collaboration

In addition, there is a focus on character building based on value systems and laying seeds for a global mindset.

Junior College

 Maharshi Vidya Mandir aims to make the two-year tenure of Jr. College students a joyous and purposeful learning experience. We provide an environment and resources for students to not only achieve academic excellence but also to develop life skills for self-awareness and decision-making. To develop a true sense of self-estimated accompanied principles to take challenges of the world outside. 

Why Maharshi?

MVM provides opportunities for alumni to connect with each other. We encourage alumni engagement through our newsletter, website, and social media events, and we recognize and celebrate the great achievements of our leaders. The Association also aims to conduct workshops, seminars, and other activities that will benefit current students in their future endeavors. The Association strives to provide educational content in the form of articles. We aspire all students to choose the best career path for them and help them reach their full potential. We hope to foster a sense of unity and purpose among the alumni to ensure their collective welfare.

About Us

Maharshi Vidya Mandir School is one of the most prestigious Schools in Pune. It has a State Board affiliation.

It has two Mediums.

English (Medium) - Maharshi Vidya Mandir English School and Jr. College

Hindi (Medium) - महर्षि विद्या मंदिर हिंदी विद्यालय

It was established in 1998 as per the vision to learn and grow. It caters to a community of highly educated and well-traveled parents, who expect world-class quality education for their child with the Indian value system. Its results have consistently excelled in academics and selection in various competitive exams like IIT-JEE and NEET.